Jessica’s Story:
“Zion’s Birth
I met Liz only a few weeks before my expected due date and she was so kind and understanding in that I had waited until the last minute to try and educate myself on childbirth options. I had taken a class a few weeks before meeting with her and that was the first time I had heard of a doula!!
Liz met me at a comfortable public place and I was even able to bring my first child with me to our meeting. She was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable by answering all of my questions without pushing off her own personal beliefs/preferences, as many of my friends and family were doing.
Liz was actually already at the hospital the day I went into labor!
She had just finished a birth when I was really beginning to feel my contractions! Without even taking a break to use the bathroom or grab a coffee, she was by my side! I walked and labored in the halls of the hospital, the café, the parking lot, and of course finally a labor and delivery room!
Even at 8cm dilated I was able to keep calm just by breathing and focusing on what Liz was teaching me about my own body! She had this fabric wrap thingy (rebozo) that she had used in different positions on my body with different amounts of pressure.. she massaged my back and chest and really just kept an overall calm and confident vibe around me. I labored naturally as I planned for the entire day and after about 24 hours and being stuck at 8cm overnight with my water not being broken I decided to get an epidural. Of course Liz was there at my side and very supportive of my decisions, however, she did make me use my code word before just allowing me to give up on my birth plan. I was so proud of how far I got with the epidural and how well I handled each contraction! There is no way I would have been able to do what I did without Liz by my side! I would recommend her to anyone I know who is pregnant! And I look forward to having her as my Doula for my next child/children. It was a beautiful experience and I am so thankful to have met her! I can’t even describe how much of a difference she made for me when I compare this birth with the birth of my first child. Keep in mind she was in the hospital, away from her family, with no sleep, and very little food for almost 40 hours straight!!! This woman is amazing and there is no way I could have done what I did without her support! I am so grateful and will always keep her in my heart and mind! Best Birth Yet!!!! Thank you Liz!!!!!!!!!!!”
– Jessica B
Sara Says:
“My husband and I were looking for a doula to assist with the upcoming birthday of our second child. I found Liz via several recommendations from a doula group in Richmond VA. I knew right away if someone from another city could recommend her, she must be wonderful! From the very start Liz was kind, compassionate and professional. She has been nothing but accommodating and helped my husband and I prepare thoroughly before the actual day of birth. She is a wealth of knowledge and I felt so confident with her by our side during labor and delivery. Thank you for everything Liz, it has been a pleasure getting to know you and to learn from you!”
Megs Story:

I remember it like it was yesterday.  I met with Liz at a local Virginia Beach Starbucks and we connected right away.  We discussed my birth plan and she helped me make some adjustments since I am a new mom.  We only met a couple times, once at my house to work on positioning, (getting the baby face down and head first is the goal).  Liz recommended coconut oil for massaging my back during labor.  She looked over my hospital stay packing list and made suggestions.  We stayed in touch by text and she was always just a phone call away.  I could have met with her more, but we were renovating our house, so I had zero time!

My contractions started at 4pm on November 1st, many days after my October 20th due date (but I was pleased).  My dad and I were installing a hood over our stove.  We left to buy fish at Bonney and Sons so that I could have a huge dinner in preparation for delivery. After dinner, my contractions started getting closer together.  My husband Aaron took a shower and he and my mom both decided to lay down and rest.  My dad stayed up with me and things started getting fun around 8:45pm.  I dragged a rocking chair into the kitchen and grabbed a blanket to stay warm.  Liz had taught me how to breathe deeply and loudly during one of our sessions, and breathing was key to laboring at home!
Around midnight on November 2nd, I texted Liz my contraction data and she IMMEDIATELY called me.  She was at my house in Virginia Beach by 12:45am and we got in the back of my dad’s pickup truck.  My husband jumped in the driver’s seat and my dad, mom, and Aaron’s mom followed closely behind.  We drove to Norfolk General Hospital in the rain and darkness.  Liz labored with me in the back of the truck, as she was very certain that I was pretty darn dilated!
We pulled up to the front door and Liz grabbed a wheelchair.  After some annoying paperwork, we were in the delivery room by 1:30am and the young doctors were nervously dropping tools, eager to see how far along I was.  After a quick look, the doctor started scrubbing up.  I was 8.5cm dilated!  I passed the doctor and nurses a copy of my birth plan and we talked things over.  I started laboring on my knees, so Liz was able to apply the coconut oil to my back.  I didn’t do pain medication or an epidural, so my husband was able to help with intermittent oxygen to ease things as well.  Earlier in our sessions together, Liz had asked if Aaron wanted to cut the umbilical cord.  Sort of last minute, he decided he wanted to.  We were pleased!  Liz also encouraged me to include my family in the delivery room for support.  Hence the three cars of us who had arrived in the wee hours of the morning!
Things started to get more intense and pushing began around 2:30am or before (fuzzy in my memory since I was working hard to stay focused).  Liz continued with the massages, Aaron with the oxygen, and my two moms with holding my legs or hand.  After a lot of sweat and tears, my daughter arrived at 4:23am on a rainy morning on November 2nd, less than three hours after we had arrived in the delivery room!  Laboring at home from 4pm to 12:45am was the best thing I could have ever done for myself, although it’s not for everyone!  Also, I lost all of my fish dinner in the delivery room, so I packed chocolate covered almonds and fruit for immediately after delivery.  Liz was right, I was STARVING!  So make sure you pack snacks.
HONESTLY, I COULD NOT HAVE DONE AN UNMEDICATED DELIVERY WITHOUT LIZ.  Everyone and their brother was trying to talk me out of it, telling me to just “get the drugs.”  I didn’t want that for my child, and I didn’t want that for myself.  Liz supported my birth plan every step of the way.  And so did the staff at Norfolk General Hospital.  I am forever grateful to Liz and I consider her a dear friend and of course, my Christian sister!  Please don’t delay in hiring her as your doula for your pregnancy.  She is in high demand and you need to get all of the education you can to make it an easy delivery!
Shannon’s Story:

Elizabeth is the last person I would ever hire as a doula – but I’m glad I did. 

As my sister, I thought would she yell at me? Would I yell at her? Would the sibling relationship take over the experience I wanted to have with my husband? She convinced me on the importance of a doula but I was determined to find someone else.

However the more I looked, the more I realized that Elizabeth was the perfect person to help me through my first birth. Her values and approach to supporting her clients without judgment were something I wanted but just didn’t see in other doulas I talked to. 

The doulas I met, talked as if anything other than natural birth was a failure. I wasn’t sure if I would end up with an epidural. After all, I didn’t know what to expect. But I wanted the option. I wanted someone to help keep me comfortable for as long as possible and if I wanted the pain relief, I didn’t want to be judged for it. 

I also wanted someone there who could give me sound, unbiased advise and who wasn’t being paid by a pharmaceutical rep or answering to an insurance provider.  Elizabeth answered all my questions and the questions I hadn’t thought to or known to ask.

And when my OB told me I required a c-section, she went right to work to help me fully research all my options, put together specialist referrals for my doctor to cross reference (my case was super rare and the first in the 14 years she had been practicing) and helped me know exactly what to ask at each Dr. apt etc.

She was also there the day I gave birth to my son. Her energy was very calming. She gave emotional and environmental support, helped with breastfeeding and post surgical care. She was the first one to arrive that morning and the last one to leave that night. Not once did she take away from the experience but only added to it. She’s the only one you should be considering if you’re looking for a doula. 







Sara T. Says

“I was fortunate enough to meet Liz during my last pregnancy. After getting epidurals with my first three babies I wanted to try a natural birth with my last. From the time I met her I was very comfortable around her and knew I was in good hands. She assured me that she would be there every step of the way and even if I changed my mind about the epidural there would be no judgement. Any questions I had leading up to birth she answered and if she didn’t know she pointed me in the right direction. She helped me draw up a birth plan and gave me the idea to read positive birth affirmations to keep me in good spirits. On baby day Liz was amazing! I texted her early in the morning and told her I was having contractions and she kept in touch all day to see if things were moving along or if I needed her to come over. When I decided I couldn’t take it anymore we made our way to the hospital. After a quick membrane sweep things started moving along very fast. Liz did everything she could to keep me as comfortable as possible during labor. After giving birth she stayed with me for a bit to help with breastfeeding and anything else I needed. After holding the baby and making sure I was good to go she left me to bond with baby. Liz followed up by phone and even came by to visit a couple weeks after. I’m so glad to say that I have gained an amazing friend from this experience! From the beginning Liz has been someone I could talk to about anything and I appreciate her more than she will ever know!”