About me

Hi! My name is Elizabeth (Liz) Pelletier. I live in beautiful Suffolk, Virginia!

I grew up in Hartwood, Virginia where I graduated from Fredericksburg Christian High School. After graduation, I moved to Newport News and on July 14, 2012 I married the love of my life, Daniel! Today we have three beautiful children, Hunter, Aiden, and our sweet angel baby we will meet one day!

My family and I enjoy being outdoors! I especially love farms and open fields, something about being out of the rush of the city is so calming! We are active in our church and community, giving back whenever possible to moms in need and our local crisis pregnancy centers.

I LOVE my job! I decided to become a doula after the birth of my son. When I gave birth to my daughter (my oldest), I had my birth plan all laid out and ready to go! I was shooting for an all natural, un-medicated, water-birth. What I got was a 3 day long induction with 6 total hours of sleep resulting in an epidural. I was devastated and ashamed, however, after years of healing and research I came to realize that my birth wasn’t traumatic because of the induction or even the epidural, it was traumatic because I didn’t have the right support to get me through the drastic change in plan. My husband is an incredible supportive spouse but he had no idea how to handle an induction when we were planning a natural, spontaneous birth.  When I got pregnant with my son, I decided I needed to further my education on birth and hospital policies, ext. I had a doula with my son who helped me understand everything! If I had any questions, she knew the answer and if she didn’t, she had resources that did. I gave birth all naturally and my birth plan was honored and it felt amazing! You may be seeking an un-medicated birth, a birth with an epidural, or a cesarean birth, Regardless of your choices, you deserve to feel empowered and supported!

My mission is to help my clients feel amazing about their birth, no matter how they chose to give birth! I am constantly furthering my education through various training’s and books to ensure my clients are getting the best service!